Finance and Accounts Graduates Is Viable Marketable Candidates

Finance and Accounts are an interdisciplinary 3-year undergraduate degree course that deals with all the major financial issues and accounting principles. The programme is mainly designed for the students who like to work as strategic business performing various financial roles such as financial consultant and venture capitalist. This course can be concluded with a project, a certification or an MBA. If you are looking for a dynamic career in Finance and Accountancy, this interdisciplinary BBA course would definitely be a good fit. Finance and Accounts has been developed by a team of experts, who have strong backgrounds in Accounting, Finance and Management.


Before admission into this BBA course aat level 2, you need to fulfill the eligibility criteria. Generally, it is taken after completion of an undergraduate degree. The course is available at most of the reputed universities such as IIFT, BCA, CAE, SOAS, JKP, etc. There is also a choice for online studies. Online education is one of the best options for those students who want to study without any hassles and deadlines. Distance education is becoming popular these days, and Finance and Accounts are no exception to that rule.


The Finance and Accounts bBA are usually meant for those who are working in accounting departments of large companies and are holding managerial and executive positions. You must have a strong command over accounting principles, as well as proven leadership skills. You must have a clear vision for how you want your firm to function. In addition to this, you must possess excellent communication skills, excellent time management skills and excellent mathematical and financial abilities. Besides, you must have a strong interest in international business, entrepreneurship, and monetary policy.


The main aim of Finance and Accounts is to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to successfully conduct the financial operations of a non-profit organization, a private company, or a government sector. To begin with, you will be taught all the methods by which you can prepare financial reports, which include yearly financial statements, income and expenses forecasts, and forecasts of income and expenses for the next three years. You will also be given ample training on managing budget and financial resources. Finance and Accounts students usually choose to specialize in one of the three subjects, Management, Public Sector, or Accountancy.


After you complete your accounting degree course, you can apply for a Financial Analyst post in a reputed firm or a private company aat level 3. You will have to work under the supervision of a senior manager, and perform the responsibilities assigned to him. A Financial Analyst manages the finance of the company and prepares the financial statements, annual report and the budget. The responsibility of Finance and Accounts includes preparation of the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow analysis, forecast of cash flows, and valuation of assets and liabilities.


Finance and accounts students can opt to specialize in a field of their choice. For instance, there are opportunities to become a deputy director, a controller, an auditing supervisor, or bookkeeping or payroll manager. In the field of accountancy, you can choose to become an accountant, bookkeeper, manager, public accountant, or a CPA. You can even go on to become a Director of Finance or Senior Director of Finance, and hold various senior accounting positions. In any case, Finance and accounts graduate with a Bachelor’s degree are in a strong position to succeed in this highly competitive field.